Live, Learn and Be Happy !!


Hi there !

That is what I say when I meet someone new at new place for the first time. Keeping things simpler is good. That is why I am doing the same here. As humans we tend to share what we learn from our elders, from our experiences and from the people around us, to our next and same generation so that they become the upgraded version of us and even that is the reason why our species has come so far. So sharing views and knowledge is kind of in our DNA I guess:).  This blog is the result of my wish to share my views & things I know and to interact with people to learn from them.

Live, Learn and Be Happy !!

That is what I want to say in this first post. Let me share my views about the three ‘big’ words in this line.



Everyone lives life. But really are they alive?

breathing checked, pulses checked, heart beats checked, yes.. we are alive. Are these signs all that we need to verify that the person is alive or living?? or is it enough just to know these?

I don’t know. These may be the proofs of a person’s life in medical terms. But I have different view about it. I link the life with time. For me the rating of one’s liveliness depends on how much he/she is connected with the present, with ‘now’, instead of being connected with past and future.

We used to live in past and get worried about future at many instances of life but in doing so unknowingly, we miss to live that moment, to stay alive at that moment. Life sometimes brings situations that shakes us from the roots, but once that phase is over and the lesson is learnt, one should leave to relive those moments again. Similarly we also tend to think a lot and worry about future. What will happen to my life if this or that thing happen? What if….?? These are the questions which usually keep our mind consumed most of the time. We should definitely plan our next step in our lives keeping in mind, the broad far view of the recent and future world’s scenario. That is a positive way to live. But worrying about future prospects when we are not actively involved in planning, take away the ‘living’ moments from our life.

One should live the moments, they may be of happiness, of love, of glory or of pain. The feelings connected to that moment should be felt at that very moment. Shouldn’t it be this way?




The human brain is having the capacity to understand patterns, to see & feel how nature works and apply it for personal, group or society betterment.

If knowledge is the power in today’s world than learning is the most important and necessary process for us.

What is learning? It can be defined as the process in which one adapt oneself in to doing things, acts or tasks in its best form by putting efforts with interest and dedication.

Learning changes us and we tend to change our surrounding world. We learn from many things. We often learn from things as tiny as atoms (by how they tend to spin on their own axis and how they create bond with other atoms) and some time from things as huge as galaxies (by how they born, live and die similar to a human life). Everything & everyone, living nonliving has a message to convey by what & why they are here in this universe. Knowing things can surely add & improve our understanding of the world and ourselves.

Open mind, curiosity, dedication and down to ground attitude are some of the great tools for the learners.


Be happy!!

Be Happy!!

We can’t plan to be happy. We just become happy at times or can we?…ya…. we can. We can plan outings with loved ones, meeting with friends, passing quality time with parents and many other things & tasks that can make us happy.

We can and we always should desire and expect to be happy. If situation doesn’t work out the way we want, then we should definitely ‘PLAN’ to be happy.

The thing to understand is that happiness is essence of life, it’s a necessity  & also one similar matter of great importance that is needed to be understood is that it doesn’t come from any external means. It comes from our feelings connected to those outside or external things. For example, A girl likes a specific brand of footwear very much & she find exactly the pair of her liking of the same brand in the nearby store. She is very happy to have it. Here the point to be conveyed is that it’s not actually the footwear that made the girl happy but its a precise amount of ‘chemicals’ that our brain has released, which makes her feel happiness. Brain releases such ‘chemicals’ depending upon receiving signals from our senses like touch, taste, vision, hearing etc,. So if we can train our mind to have release of those ‘chemicals’ automatically independent of signal’s reception from senses, we can be happy independently. But that seems more like a saint’s area of play and not normal person’s cup of tea.

But one thing to be conveyed in short is that, we can stay happy irrespective of what happens if we really wish to. 🙂